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For an SME to transition smoothly to the next growth stage, monetary support is often needed to overcome various hurdles. The Singapore government recognizes that many SMEs face challenges to scale sustainably, and hence the Capability Development Grant (CDG) has been introduced.

What can I use the CDG Grant for?

If your project is approved, the grant covers up to 70% of qualifying project costs in ten areas:

  1. Branding & Marketing
  2. Business Excellence
  3. Business Model Transformation
  4. Standards Adoption
  5. Financial Management
  6. Human Capital Development
  7. Intellectual Property
  8. Enhancing Business Processes for Productivity
  9. Service Excellence
  10. Product Development

Am I eligible?

You may apply if you fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Registered and operating in Singapore 
  2. Minimum of 30% local shareholding; and 
  3. Group annual sales turnover of not more than $100m or group employment size of not more than 200 employees

Am I too late to apply for the grant?

This particular grant ends on 30th June 2018 and will after that be replaced with the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG).

How can I start?

Firstly, you need to confirm your eligibility for the grant and identify supporting areas which are relevant to your project. You may head over to any of the 12 SME Centres all over Singapore to discuss your project, free of charge, with an SME Business Advisor. You may also speak to our certified consultants. 

Secondly, you need to engage management consultants holding the “Enterprise Singapore-recognized” certification. Please note that as long as certified management consultants lead the project, other people (s) involved need not possess the certification. We are a certified management consultant, and you can find us listed here.

What are the documents needed for submission?

1. Project Proposal

  1. If you’re applying for grant support of no more than S$30,000, you will have to complete a project questionnaire (which takes >5 minutes to complete) and submit it with your application.
  2. If you’re applying for grant support of more than S$30,000, you will have to submit a project proposal. This is in addition to the consultant’s recommendation. The guidelines for the proposal can be downloaded here.

2. The names of your company shareholders as per ACRA Search, if applicable.

  1. This document must not be more than six months old.
  2. This document is not required if it has already been provided to Enterprise Singapore and if no changes have been made in the 12 months before the application submitted.

3. Your company’s financial statements (audited or unaudited; not more than one-year-old) and Consolidated Financial Statement of your ultimate parent company, if applicable.

  1. This document is not required if it is already provided to Enterprise Singapore and there are no changes to it in the preceding 12 months at the point of application.

4. Relevant proof of quotation for your project cost items 

5. Consultants’ proposal, if consultants are involved in the project.

  1. The scope of work, working day breakdown of the service, as well as the CVs and scanned copies of Enterprise Singapore-recognized certification(s) of individual consultants should be provided as well.

6. Quantitative impact indicators and job creation indicators. The figures provided should represent the applicant company, not the consolidated group of corporate shareholders.

  1. If you’re applying for grant support of no more than S$30,000, you need only provide the figures based on the last financial year.
  2. If you’re applying for grant support of more than S$30,000, you need to provide the figures based on the last financial year and the projected data for the three years after the project is complete.

We will help you put together and submit the necessary documents when you engage us as your management consultant. You may contact us here.>

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