Companies Act Advisory & Compliance

Companies Act Advisory & Compliance

Boardroom and Legal Support Services

All registered business entities are required to comply with various legislations in Singapore, and these could range from the mundane - (keeping of company registers) to the complex - (preparation of listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)).

As your appointed Corporate Secretarial Agents, businesses need not worry about the how, when and with what they should comply. Entrepreneurs can focus solely on enhancing the value of their business, while we professionals will address the various local legislation compliances.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Comprehensive legal and administrative support, guidance concerning the Singapore Companies Act, Cap. 50 and the Company Constitution to the board of directors;
  • Assist in the implementation of corporate strategies by ensuring that the board’s decisions and instructions are appropriately carried out and communicated;
  • Communicate with the shareholders as appropriate and to ensure that due regard is paid to their interests;
  • Ensure that the Company complies with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements concerning the Singapore Companies Act, Business Registration Act, the Listing Rules and Regulations of the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Partnership Act, Charities Act and Societies Act;
  • Safe custody of Statutory Records such as Minutes Books, Statutory Registers, and Common Seal;
  • Updating of organization returns under the various government regulatory bodies

Companies Act Advisory And Compliance:

  • Provision of qualified company secretary
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Ad-hoc corporate secretarial services
  • De-registration / striking off
  • Liquidation / winding up
  • Provision of Registered Office