Intellectual Property Registration & Administration

Intellectual Property Registration & Administration

Registered Intellectual Property (IP) are rights given to creators for their creations of the mind. These rights are exclusive and are legally recognized, giving them authority over their otherwise intangible assets. In Singapore, innovators, business owners, and creative artists have the privilege to apply for IP rights, granting them legal ownership over their creations.

Common types of IP include patents, trademarks, copyrights, registered designs, layout-designs of integrated circuits, geographical indications, plant varieties protection, and domain names. These will be further explained in the table as follows:

Types of Intellectual Property

Type of IPWho is entitled to it?What is it?Benefits of Registering the IP
PatentInnovatorsA right granted to an inventor to prevent the make, use, sales or import of the invention without prior permission.

It can be a product, a process, or an improvement.
  • Prevents exploitation
  • Can be used for fundraising purposes
  • Can be commercially licensed to third-partiesCan be sold
Trade markBusiness ownersA sign that is used to distinguish a business from its competitors. It is used to protect a brand by preventing other companies from using a similar name or logo.
  • Can be used to protect market share
  • Helps raise equity for business development
  • Can be commercially licensed to third-parties (i.e. franchisees)
  • Can be sold
CopyrightCreative artistesA right granted to the creator to reproduce, communicate, publish, perform and adapt the original work.
Works include literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, audio and visual productions.
  • Prevents exploitation
  • Allows creative works to be rented or otherwise communicated to the public i.e. broadcasted, used in a cable programme, published on the internet
Registered DesignInnovators, Creative artistesA right granted to the creator over the external appearance of an industrially created product (>50 pcs via industrial application process).
  • Prevents exploitation
  • Protects market share
  • Can be commercially licensed to third-parties
  • Can be sold
Layout-design of an Integrated CircuitInnovatorsA right over the three-dimensional design, including the elements and interconnections, of an integrated circuit (silicon chip).
  • Prevents commercial exploitation
  • Allows legal action to be taken against offending parties
Trade SecretsInnovatorsA piece of information that is highly valued by the company which is not made available to the public and is only known to key individuals within the company.
  • Does not need to be registered
  • Are covered by laws on protection of confidential information
  • Legal action may be taken against offending parties due to breach of confidence
Geographical IndicationBusiness ownersA locational sign that identifies a particular characteristic and place of origin of a product, i.e. Katong Laksa, Singapore Sling, Roquefort cheese, Tequila (Mexico).

It may also be registered as a trademark.
  • Producers, traders, or related associations can take legal action for false use if GI is used without permission in a misleading, unfair, or dishonest manner
Plant Varieties ProtectionBotanistsA right over new plant varieties, such as through breeding.

It must be a plant group within a single botanical taxon of the lowest rank.
  • Prevents exploitation and use of plant variety
  • Exclusive rights to sell plant variety
  • Exclusive rights to sell propagating material i.e. seeds, stem cuttings
  • Can be commercially licensed to third-parties
  • Can be produced commercially
Domain NamesAny website ownerA text address leading to the location of a specific document on the internet, not to be confused with an URL.
The .sg domain has 9 extensions:
.sg,,,,,,, .新加坡, .சிங்கப்பூர்
  • Able to set up a clearly defined online presence for the company
  • Able to dispute domain name against other similar .sg domain name registrants

IP Legislation (Acts, Rules, and Regulations):

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