Personal Financial Consultancy

Personal Financial Consultancy

BluTrust offers a variety of personal financial consultancy services, including personal financial planning, trust advisory and set up, will administration, and family office administration.

The objectives of these services would be to present an overview of our clients’ overall financial position, through the analysis of their cash flow, net worth and key financial ratios, as well as their business goals and objectives. In doing so, the BluTrust highlights areas of concern (where present) and opportunities for further improvement or the optimization of their financial plans. BluTrust also recommends our clients' various strategies to help them achieve their stated business goals.

Our value added services include:

Trust Advisory Set up

Trusts are a type of wealth structure that is used to provide continuity for an individual’s wealth, allowing the client to enjoy benefits decades from its inception. Trusts can take many forms, such as Personal Trusts, Unit Trusts, Insurance Trusts, Share Distribution Trusts, Succession Trusts, Offshore Trusts, pre-IPO Trusts, Charities, and so on.

Succession trusts can also be tailored to the client’s specifications, such as a Living Trusts, Testamentary Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs), and Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs), allowing a high degree of flexibility and customization.

BluTrust can help set up and administer these trusts, providing a trustee, foundation, and related administrative services, catering to the client’s individual needs and requirements.

Will Administration (Probate)

Will Administration can occur under two forms – a Grant of Probate, or Letters of Administration. These need to be obtained to authorize the distribution and administration of the deceased’s estate or assets and may require the services of an administrator.

A Grant of Probate is applied for when the deceased had passed on with a valid Will, and Letters of Administration are enforced when the deceased has passed away in Intestacy (without a valid Will). Under Intestacy, the priority of entitlement to be an Administrator of the deceased’s assets is as follows: Spouse, Lawful children, Parents, Brothers or sisters, Grandparents, and Uncles or Aunts.

Before passing on, an individual can also choose to create a Will, which is governed by the Wills Act (Chapter 352) in the Singapore Statutes. There are specific guidelines and requirements to writing a valid Will, and BluTrust can help with the creation and depositing of the individual’s will with the Wills Registry to ensure the safety of the individual’s handover of assets as well.

Family Office Administration

Family Offices can fall into two categories – Single Family Offices, and Multi-Family Offices. A Family Office is typically set up to manage the wealth and administrative matters of high net-worth families who have sophisticated needs, providing structure for the management of the family’s wealth.

Singapore is also known for its attractive tax system and as a center for private wealth, with increasing numbers of high net worth individuals relocating to Singapore to set up such wealth management offices in recent years.

BluTrust can provide the relevant consultancy services, creating tailored solutions to suit the individual client’s needs. These services include tax and estate planning, investment and trust counsel, philanthropy, and succession planning.