Tax and GST Consultancy, Audit & Compliance


The development of a progressively structured global economy has led to an environment where organizations continually expand into newer domains. Consequently, organizations are now focusing on tax ramifications which can mitigate their financials. As Singapore establishes itself as the country of choice to be based, for both multinationals and individuals, tax compliance and optimization are increasingly more prevalent.

Be it easing the tediousness of personal tax compliances or aiding companies or individuals with personal tax planning, BluTrust’s team of professionals can provide both technical and private solutions to facilitate our client’s business transactions by taking your business objectives and concerns into consideration.

Some of the available corporate tax incentives provided by the government include tax incentives for start-ups, tax exemptions to increase innovation (i.e., R&D and PIC), tax exemptions to increase globalisation (i.e., International / Regional HQ, Venture Abroad), and industry-based tax exemptions (i.e., Tourism, Trading, Manufacturing). Other forms of government assistance are also available for companies such as grants, loans, equity financing and non-financial support.

You may contact us for the full list of Tax and Financial Schemes available in Singapore.